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Ready Meals

No matter what the tray substrate and what the peel, we have a film to satisfy your needs. From 50ga to 2.65mil, we offer a wide variety of films to accommodate your machine, tray and barrier needs. Dual Ovenable, Non-Forming, Printed, White, Metalized, Anti-Fog.



Dairy and Dips

Our flowpack films and lidding films safeguard the quality and freshness of food products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or in vacuum packs. The type of film depends on the individual requirements of the product. AMI offers a broad spectrum of lidding films with optional extras such as anti-fog features and an EVOH barrier.   We also have a range of peels strengths that best fit your needs.




Printed and Laser Perf'd for all your OTR



Meats , Soups, and Sauces



Our thermoform films are distinguished by its excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. Made of technologically advanced resins for especially thin films.It has a highly glossy appearance, and superior aroma, flavor and UV protection. Thermoform is available with Easy Peel properties and a wide range of  thicknesses suitable for various drawing depths.






For all hot and cold applications running on Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machinery. Let us know your desired thickness and barrier requirements.

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